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Oct 23, 2012 8:00pm EDT
it has benefited governor romney to have participated in the debates and forums in the primaries. he comes across at somebody is who is comfortable in the tee bite format. the president hasn't done it for now years and there's no question that worked to governor romney's benefit. >> it's an interesting observation. leads to my next question which is, in this campaign what do you think has had more impact can debates or campaign advertising? as you know going into the campaign seen a year ago, everybody was talking about money going to be poured into advertising and what kind of impact that could have, hough it could influence the outcome, and there was an escalating spending war going on. do the debates have more of an impact? maybe a little too early to tell. >> depends who you're talking about. if you live in about a dozen states, those ads are killing you. maybe eight states. there's so many of them it's all you see when you turn on the television. we get a little bit of it here in washington because we're next door to virginia, and maryland had some big initiatives. if you're liv
Oct 22, 2012 8:30pm EDT
in the first presidential debate, mitt romney talked about obamacare as well. there are certainly plenty of parts of it that he seems to embrace. is it necessary to repeal the whole thing? don't you lose a lot you have to put back in place? >> i'll start with obamacare in its entirety. it's going to add $1.7 trillion to the cost of government over the next ten years. it creates 158 new agencies and programs. creates independent -- advisory board which is going tell wharf they can do and what kind of services they can get and those things are wrong. now, the part i would extend -- my whole platform would be -- i call it tip. we need tort reform because malpractice insurance is some of the biggest costses for private practice, health care private practice. we need to interstate competition. we need portability. you got be able to take one plan with you. and we need to protect the preexisting conditions. >> congressman, let me ask you to react. >> the two points he just brought up are already in obamacare. there's a pilot project on tort reform. the opportunity to take things across
Oct 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
ryan budget? subform that romney proposes to keep those funds in medicare and reform medicare. an important point and let me answer what needs to be done with medicare. even though republicans were so aware of how delicate it can be to touch medicare, if you are over 55 nothing changes but to keep this program around for folks younger than 55, the other way we have got to go is which is is what the ryan plan is, give seniors options. >> moderator: you support governor romney's proposal for vouchers and what you call options for -- walsh: i've never heard any other word than voucher for the romney ryan plan. is called premium support and what we currently do with medicare part d which we give seniors options and it's important to note even for people younger than 55 in the republican plan if you want to keep traditional medicare you can. you are either going to ration or you are going to give seniors options. ms. duckworth and president obama want to ration care. duckworth: it's simply not true. he voted three times for the ryan budget. that is from "the wall street journal." he wa
Oct 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, most notably president obama and governor romney and the most recent of the first presidential debate on october 3rd. governor romney, every free economy as good regulation. the same time regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act had a number of provisions of unintended consequences harmful to the economy. it's kind of reasonable and small banks. i would repeal and replace it. president obama: the reason for such an economic crisis has prompted by reckless behavior on wall street, but he answered it risk. we stepped in and had the toughest reforms on wall street since an 18 piece is that the question is, does anybody out there think we're too much oversight and regulation of wall street? senator warner of virginia, who subalterns crafting, congress never get to write when you look at massive reform legislation the first time through. he directionally had in the area and come back two or three years hence to the corrections legislation. secretary of the treasury, tim geithner and "wall street journal," strong defense of the dodd-frank act, asking to remember the financial crisis
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4